How to cross the square in a non-boring way?
Curatorial project, 2023
A collaborative site-specific project created with children aged 7-10 as a part of the public art festival CHO (Russian: ЧО) held in Yekaterinburg.

The kids designed the objects that could be used to cross a boring square. The legendary children's mechanical constructor, produced at the Kalinin Plant in the 80s, was taken for inspiration.

The curators created the large metal constructions, using the shapes and silhouettes of the figures depicted by the children, enlarging them. The kids and their parents assembled the objects on their own. Each figure has a description explaining how it helps the child cross the square and reach a particular destination.

The objects are located on the square in front of the Zarya movie theater in Yekaterinburg.

Children's mechanical constructor was taken for inspiration.
1st part of project. Photo: Anna Marchenkova
2nd part of project. Photo: Anna Marchenkova
3rd part of project. Photo: Anna Marchenkova