lithography, 2023
For this project, the artist has collected personal stories of people who experienced a change of their names at school, university, factory, or market. Trying to adapt to society, people agree to accept a name or image of a person that is understandable and comfortable for the majority.

One of the stories was shared by an artist's friend. The girl always referred to her teacher as Galina Mikhailovna, and only at the graduation did the teacher mention that her actual name was Gaugar Mudarisovna. She used a different name to make it easier for her students and colleagues to address her.

The work consists of 18 stories and posters connecting people's real names and "work names."

Photo: Nikita Limonov
View of the exhibition Disappearances, 2023, Perm. Photo: Julia Lanar

People share their story about changing names.