installation, 2022
There is a "cult of the guest" in Dagestan: a traveler can become a guest in any village house, and it is the host's responsibility to provide shelter, food, and lodging for the visitor. Hospitality is the most important way for people to communicate with each other. In her work, the artist explored the phenomenon of Caucasian hospitality, which she personally encountered while traveling the mountains of Dagestan.

The installation depicts Dagestan villages at night, scattered across the mountainside. As the viewer approaches the installation, they feel as if they are entering a local home, where they are greeted by an essential attribute of any Dagestani home – a crystal chandelier.

The installation displays hundreds of crystal details that create a warm image of home and hospitality. In Dagestan, kindness and sincerity are common. The installation is comprised of gifts that locals gave to the artist:
  • A chandelier seller gave her a big box of crystals,
  • Another seller gave her some wire for her experiments,
  • A friend lent her expensive tripods.
Helping others (even strangers) is natural in this place!

View of the exhibition Archive.05, 2022, Derbent, Russia. Photo: Kate Kraeva
View of the exhibition Four angles, 2022, MYTH Gallery x Space Four Lab, St. Petersburg.
Photo: Zulfiia Ilkaeva