Blue Сrowns
public art, 2023
The work was created in the village of Voskresenskoye, Bashkortostan. Voskresenskoye has an art gallery with well-established art concepts. The work Blue Сrowns (Russian: Синие венцы) is an attempt to discover new places where art can be created and located.

Stickers arranged on pipes in a yet-to-be-renovated part of the village refer to the mountains visible from anywhere in Voskresenskoe and known as Blue Сrowns.

Unlike in the gallery, on the streets, the viewer takes a proactive role: if they don't like the sticker, they can always tear it off. The Blue Сrowns sticker represents an attempt to give urban space more freedom.

Blue Сrowns became a connection between villagers in other places. People started putting stickers in other towns, announcing that ‘here was someone from Voskresenskoye.

The project was created in the art residence Camp of the ZAMAN.

Photo: Albert Bert